Wednesday , February 1 2023

Privacy Policy realize how critically valuable the privacy of our visitors is. Therefore, we do everything in our power to ensure the security of your data when you access our website. Please find below information regarding our web security procedures. It is extremely important that you understand and accept that your personal information will not be shared, distributed, or disclosed with anyone, at any time, and for any reason. We use the information visitors provide to contact them when more information is needed about our site.

However, if someone contacts us and asks that we not send them newsletters, their data will be deleted from our database. Several different cookies are used on our site, for a variety of reasons, including analyzing the way visitors interact with our website, tracking the amount of traffic to the site, and optimizing how our content is accessed. Here are a few guidelines, as well as our privacy policies, which you should read carefully.

Which kind of information does this site collect from its regular site users? aims to gather visitors’ information in order to provide more personalized service. Information collected includes name, email address, the browser used, the operating system, and what the visitor is doing on the website. The information is used for internal purposes only to improve the user experience and is not shared with third parties.

How do we use the personal data of our visitors?

We use visitor information to track user trends, compile statistics, and personalize the site for each individual. We also use personal data to customize the website for each individual and provide targeted ads, as well as many other things. In our opinion, all of these steps are vital to making sure our visitors have an exceptional experience with us. By using this information, can provide users with a more targeted experience and allow them to find jobs that match their interests.

How do we protect the personal information of our customers?

We are committed to protecting the personal information of our users through industry-leading security measures such as firewalls, data encryption, and user authentication. We constantly review our security measures to ensure they remain up to date and protect our users’ privacy. Our website is the most secure online destination with top-of-the-line security protocols in place. Our security protocols include 128-bit SSL encryption and data securing. We take pride in our commitment to protecting the personal information of our users.

Do we like to use cookies?

We use cookies to keep track of our user’s activities and to personalize the site for them. We also use cookies to collect information about site traffic and how people are using the site. In this way, we are able to understand what our users are doing on our site and what we can do to improve their experience. In general, you consent to our usage of cookies by continuing to use the site. To prevent us from using cookies, please disable them in your browser.

Third Party Disclosure: is a website that provides information for the sole purpose of helping job seekers. Neither the website nor its content is intended for advertising or marketing purposes, and the website’s content does not serve either purpose. Our Privacy Policy is designed to ensure that your personal information is handled in a responsible and secure manner. No third party will have access to your information, except as described here. We take our responsibility to protect your personal information seriously and hope that you will do the same by reviewing this policy carefully.

Third Party Links:

On our website, you will find links to other websites (while applying) that we believe may be of interest to you. However, we are not responsible for the content or accuracy of any information contained on these websites. These links are provided as a convenience and are not intended as an endorsement by us of the content on these websites. We cannot guarantee that these websites are free of malware or infection and we recommend that you use caution when visiting them.

Google Conditions:

We take great care in complying with Google guidelines, which guarantee your safety and ease of use. To be clear, any information you provide to us will be kept private and will not be disclosed to Google under any circumstances. Our website is operated by a private company and we take security and privacy seriously.

CaIOPPA Policies:

The California Online Privacy Protection Act (CaIOPPA) is a set of laws intended to protect online users’ privacy. The act requires websites to get permission from users before collecting any personal information, including email addresses and contact information. In addition, the law requires the posting of a privacy policy that explains how the data collected will be used. Last but not least, the act provides users with the right to file a complaint if they believe their privacy has been violated. Our policy is to adhere to these guidelines in order to make sure your privacy is protected.

Update Policy:

If we meant to modify any of the privacy policies, changes, updates, or deletions to the privacy policies without notifying you, we would be able to do this. We are the owner of our website, which means that we have all the rights to make changes to our website policies without notifying our users. We believe that our policy change is for the betterment of our site and its users, so we ask for your support. If you disagree with this policy change, you are welcome to let us know your thoughts.


By using our website, you consent to our privacy statement and terms and conditions. You also consent to the use of cookies when you continue to use our website. It is important that you respect our privacy statement and do not use our website if you disagree with it.


If you have questions or concerns about our privacy practices, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. We will respond to your inquiries as soon as possible.