Wednesday , February 1 2023

Ontario Government Jobs for New Graduates – GEOMATICS TECHNICIAN

Website Ministry of Transportation

Job Description:

To prepare, edit and review ministry standard Geomatics products related to pre-engineering surveys, cadastral surveys, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data and mapping projects, and deliverables to support the oversight, maintenance, planning, design, and construction of highway projects (e.g., develop ministry templates, specifications and procedures for mapping and plan production). To provide technical expertise and support to ministry staff and service providers in the development of Geomatics products.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Providing assistance to project management staff for internal projects and consultants for service provider assignments by: searching for plans and reviewing documents, compiling information, reviewing the scope of work, providing time estimates; reviewing reports, plans, cross-sections, maps and other data sets for accuracy and content for conformance to relevant legislation, ministry standards and terms for reference; communicating findings and project updates to project management staff and consultants.
  • Archiving legal and engineering survey plans, alignments and other digital data sets into file management systems. Ensuring proper naming conventions and data management techniques are followed for spatial information using industry best practices.
  • Producing and maintaining Engineering and Title Records and other map products using plans, deeds, as-constructed contract drawings, digital maps and databases and other spatial data from ministry sources and outside agencies. This is accomplished using coordinate geometry software, computer assisted drafting software, GIS software and by searching internal files, plans and documents.
  • Communicating guidance and feedback to ministry staff and service providers regarding technical issues such as ministry standards, processes and survey/engineering/GIS software, under the supervision of project management staff. Liaise with and provide technical information, advice, training and guidance to partners, stakeholders and internal ministry clients and respond to technical enquires from external agencies.
  • Producing Geomatics products such as legal and pre-engineering survey drawings, GIS applications and themed maps, digital terrain models, cross-sections and horizontal alignments from manual and digital field notes, digital images, photogrammetric plans and other spatial data. This is accomplished using least squares adjustment software, coordinate geometry software, GIS software and computer assisted drafting software, and by applying principles of geometry, trigonometry, legal and engineering surveying, coordinate/datum systems, cartography, GIS and scale factors and by searching for and investigating internal files, plans and documents for applicable information.

Job Requirements:

  • proficiency using common office productivity software
  • demonstrated knowledge of engineering survey principles, practices and procedures, such as control surveys, digital terrain modelling and alignments
  • demonstrated knowledge of land registry records and practices, with ability to prepare legal survey plans and associated documents
  • strong interpersonal and communication skills to explain technical terminology in a clear way, to provide advice and guidance, and to prepare reports
  • organizational skills to coordinate and organize own work activities on multiple projects with varying levels of complexity within deadlines
  • demonstrated knowledge of legal survey plans and practices, with ability to interpret relevant legislation
  • demonstrated knowledge of GIS technology and practices
  • demonstrated knowledge of CAD and GIS software to produce and review themes, maps, spatial databases and shape files
  • excellent analytical and research skills, including the evaluation of survey information

Job Details:

Company: Ministry of Transportation

Vacancy Type: Temporary

Job Location: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Application Deadline: N/A

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