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Emirates Jobs in Dubai – Emergency Planning Specialist

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Job Description:

Oversee and support the on-going design, implementation, maintenance and quality review of the crisis program thus ensuring a robust Emirates? response to a major accident or incident anywhere across our route network. This includes the humanitarian and logistical response that will embody a number of complex processes involving people and systems.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Respond and manage individual passenger emergencies (medically offloaded/ death on board) providing close liaison with those affected and key stakeholders. This may include, but not limited to the coordination of transportation, repatriation of human remains, cremation/burial in UAE, liaison with embassies, accommodation, visas, travel arrangements and administration.
  • Research, design, develop, deliver and oversee an effective blended emergency response awareness program (training and exercises), meeting international standards for effective delivery. Conduct learning needs analysis to ensure that resulting programs remain relevant, current, accurate, and focussed with on-going analysis to allow timely schedules and appropriate follow-up.
  • Manage the recruitment, selection and retention of emcare in order to build total responder numbers to the desired target. Review the roles and accountabilities of all humanitarian responders and identify selected volunteers for specialist / leadership roles.
  • Support in the development of strategic emergency response planning frameworks and procedures that coincide with the direction from CRP management and are in compliance with IOSA and other regulatory requirements.
  • Support in the management and development of key departmental systems. Monitor the quality to ensure timely rectification of observations and non-conformances arising from exercises and or documentation reviews whilst liaising with internal stakeholders for a corrective action plan. Understand, conduct user testing and suggest enhancements of the crisis management software applications.
  • Responsible for the identification of requirements and ongoing maintenance of the Emirates crisis facilities (namely Telephone Enquiry Centre and Crisis Management Centre) and deployment assets (Go kit) by means of monitoring, exercising, and testing to ensure effective deployment upon activation.
  • Manage on-going statistical analysis reports to identify progress and highlight adverse or re-occurring trends that affect performance. Ensure appropriate escalation through relevant Safety Boards and / or EGHQ Senior Managers. Provide advice and proposals in regards to best practices from other airlines and accident responses. Ensure agreed actions and improvements are incorporated within the program.
  • Develop, maintain and monitor our Family Assistance response (to include our Telephone Enquiry Centre and Family Assistance Centre Procedures) with consideration for legal and / or regulatory requirements and our third party humanitarian partner. The procedures must ensure integration with Go Team, Station Emergency Response, Crisis Support Unit and Crisis Management Centre procedures, as well as any other third party activated locations.
  • Responsible for providing guidance, support and feedback for the station and Hub emergency program (passenger, freighter scheduled and charter routes) by means of on-going quality reviews and exercises to ensure procedures are `fit for purpose?. Appropriate liaison with Authorities, GHAs and codeshare partners.
  • Responsible for providing guidance and support to the departmental Crisis Support Unit program. Monitor and deliver a robust and on-going exercise and quality review process to ensure cross functionality amongst departments and alignment with the overall emergency management organization.

Job Requirements:

  • Information Technology literacy to a very good knowledge is a must.
  • Benefits to those with a working knowledge of such systems as Infospace and Emergency Management Systems
  • Working knowledge of developing, implementing, and training emergency response planning procedures and programs.

Qualification & Experience:

  • Experience in Airport Services, Commercial, Operations or other relevant area of which at least 2 years should ideally be in the field of emergency planning.
  • Experience Airport Operations.Other : 5+ Years
  • Degree or Honours (12+3 or equivalent)

Job Details:

Company: Emirates Airlines

Vacancy Type: Full Time

Job Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Application Deadline: N/A

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